Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday Highfive

Here's a highfive for making it to Friiiiday!
We got a jogging stroller!
I have been keeping my eye on Craigslist and Mom Swap pages hoping that a reasonable jogging stroller would pop up, but ultimately decided to just spring for a new one.  Lots of research into the best budget model, we went with the Babytrend Stealth jogger.  It arrived on Tuesday and was very easy for me to assemble myself (while my little sidekick proceeded to try and chew on every page of the instruction booklet).  I have taken it out twice and I'm very happy with the way it handles so far...granted I am running the paved greenway, so we're not talking rough terrain.  And I love it's sleek look...two thumbs up!
Just a couple of my favorite photos of my girl this week:

Recent beauty recs...
I love this shampoo!
I actually purchased it while I was pregnant, put it in our guest bathroom, and forgot about it until recently.  I bought it with postpartum hair loss in mind, and while I haven't experienced much of that, I am still loving the strength and shine I'm seeing from using this.
I have been using these two products for 3 weeks and I really like them. I use the mask on Mondays and wear it overnight, and then the serum twice daily.  I have noticed my skin looking more plumped and smooth.  You can purchase Nip+Fab products at Ulta. 
What's for dinner, y'all?
I feel like I am in a menu rut right the same 10 or so meals over and over...I need new ideas.  Tonight I am grabbing Barberito's, which I just realized is perfect for Cinco de Mayo. 
I hope y'all have a great weekend!

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