Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday Randoms

Goooood muggy morning out there!
Let the random thoughts proceed:

So let's see, last week was a busy one.

Wednesday was nice because K went to a hockey game with his friends and so I enjoyed one of my favorite guilty pleasures: frozen pizza and SVU reruns.  My favorite frozen pizza is the Dr. Oetker brand.  I eat the entire thing.
Thursday I had a vino date with my bff.  We schedule our hair appointments together (She began going to Lava after having wedding hair done there) and then walk next door to Avondale Wine and Cheese.  There was a wine tasting happening and I ended up buying this bottle of red.  The smell reminds me of a cigar shop (RIP Club Habana) and has a sort of effervescence to it.  I'm not a red drinker but I really really loved this, hence the empty bottle.
I was actually off on Thursday because I worked Saturday.  I will usually just collect overtime but decided to take the day to get some things done.  My point?  I won't do it again, it essentially felt like I had two Mondays last week.  
Here's a silly shot of my new 'do.  K hates it when I ask him to take pictures of me when we're out, so this is the best I could get.  On another note, I love this top.  I bought it on our honeymoon and it is super soft and comfortable.
Another bright little number I like, this romper from F21.  I am looking for a few easy outfits for my trip to Philly next week.  I am only bringing a carry on so this would fit perfectly.

On Sunday we went to see Jurassic World and then went to PF Changs to use the gift certificate we won a while back

It was my second time eating there and same reaction: glorified Chinese.
But, the summer rolls were excellent.
Jurassic World was exactly what I expected,  a summertime action blockbuster! We went to the 4 o'clock showing and even 30 minutes early the theatre was packed.  
Noteworthy: 30 minutes worth of previews!!! It was ridiculous.  I ate all my Sno Caps before they were even finished.
Also, Chris Pratt.  Hubba Hubba.
I feel like he's kind of the underdog and it makes me even more happy for his leading man status.
Another "underdog" that I'm rooting for: Jared on The Bachelorette!
At first glance I was not so intrigued but his demeaner and body language are downright sexy.
But alas I have no hope for this season at all because I think Kaitlyn is vulgar and more interested in playing the field.  But anyway, Go Jared!
One last thought...
My man shaved his beard Monday night and I feel like I've fallen in love all over again.
Don't get me wrong, I love his beard, but I haven't seen his smooth face since our wedding and I'm so happy it's back...for now.
Humpity Hump, Hope y'alls Wednesday is going well.

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