Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Double Whammy

I'm hittin' y'all with a double whammy today,
I have a weekend report and a menu comin' at ya!
Ok, so there isn't much to report on the weekend, really. 
Friday night we grilled burgers, which is my faaaavorite thing to do.  I added some crumbled bacon from a leftover 'Breakfast for Dinner' night to the ground beef, along with Montreal Steak seasoning.  I also splurged on "good" pepperjack and Hawaiian sweet bread hamburger buns. Perfection!  
I think I get a little too excited about these things.
Saturday in Charleston was dreary as heck and so we were feeling stir crazy come 5:00 pm.  We went down the street to the shopping center that houses the Terrace Theatre and Zia and enjoyed a few glasses of wine at "How Art Thou?" which is a super cute wine bar that I'm beginning to frequent.  They have half priced bottles and live jazz on Thursdays...music not too loud, you know what I mean?  I can't stand loud loud music unless we're at a concert. 
Sunday we were bound and determined to enjoy some outdoor time so we headed to the beach.  It was so dang windy we only lasted an hour and a half,
but it was fun none the less. 
I watched several people chasing an umbrella all the way down the beach,
I felt bad but y'all it was cracking me up!
And if you're wondering my beach of choice in Charleston? 
It's Folly, no question at all. 
I grew up frequenting Sullivan's (where my dads family is from) however it has, along with the rest of Charleston, changed so so much and sometimes my heart just can't take it.  
Blurry kabobs! Sunday night's dinner was colorful and delicious. 
We used a teriyaki marinade with sesame seeds. 
And finally, my menu for the week.
Drumroll please....
I pretty excited about tonight, recreating this exact meal
I'm starting to think maybe I struggle with change?
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Love that photo with the knees & the pier in the background! Great photo!

  2. Thanks Sally! I snapped this with an old flip phone camera, believe it or not. I sure wish I was back on the beach enjoying that view right now :)


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