Friday, September 27, 2013


I bought this shirt on my trip to Atlanta last month. 
It's a tank and I absolutely love the print and the side zippers. 
On occasion I will buy a Stouffer's lasagna to keep on hand for a mindless meal.  It is satisfying and surprisingly tasty for a freezer meal.  When I saw this Fiesta Bake at Walmart I decided to buy it instead of lasagna, it sounded great!  I probably won't buy it again, though.  It was a bit bland :(

Last night we headed downtown to Marion Square for the New Belgium Tasting Event. 
Despite the dreary weather all day, the evening ended up being very nice!
There were so many more beers than last year!  I was extremely overwhelmed in choosing which to try, so K and I basically opted for all of the options that you can't buy in stores. 
Not my best decision, I must confess.  Those beers were strange y'all!
It was only once we settled at our table and I was flipping through the descriptions that I saw this:
Hello bottom right option!
I am looking forward to a low key weekend, next week is going to be nuts!
October here we come!
Have a good one :)

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