Monday, September 30, 2013

A Sunday Stroll

When I was younger I dreamt of moving to a big city.  I used to visit New York frequently and I envisioned myself living there once I graduated college.  Once I did actually graduate, however, things changed.
My restless spirit, that had originally drawn me to NYC, began to temper. 
My goals changed and I focused more on settling down than exploring.
This change became even more concrete upon the purchase of my condo in 2009.
I felt exhilarated by my independence- the very feeling I wanted to chase to NYC!

While I am confident in the choice I made, one thing that remains is my desire for a walkable neighborhood.
James Island does not offer much in this way.
The weather this weekend was gorgeous and we enjoyed it by taking a stroll yesterday afternoon. 
We live very close to Bilo and so we cut through the parking lot and walked over to Heart Kitchen for a glass of wine on their patio.  When leaving, we walked a different direction and came across this:
I'm thrilled with the concept of a shopping center coming up so close!
Not only for our convenient enjoyment, but also for the impact in may have on my property rental value.
This was a wonderful discovery, and has made me all the more assured that I made the right decision!
So, How was your weekend?

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