Monday, September 23, 2013

Our Beach Vacation

For the second year in a row, K and I opted to rent a beach house on Folly for our vacation in lieu of taking a trip.  I don't get much time off from work and so it's more important to make the most of what I do have and completely relax.  Going after Labor Day has helped us save with the off season rates, and it's amazing how far away Folly feels when you don't leave the island for 8 days!
We plan great meals and plant ourselves on that front porch for cuddles with Alf: 

Pure relaxation: 

 This is one of my favorite white wines, I stocked up for the week :)
 We did venture "into town" on Wednesday for dinner...
 And we stopped by the Folly Farmer's Market:
 I soaked up the last bit of Summer:

I saw Para Gliders for the first time!
 And I'm sure you all spotted the Harvest Moon.  My camera isn't very high quality but I snapped this through the binoculars, believe it or not!
Oh, it was just perfect:

I hope you all had a wonderful week. 
Now, I will be catching up and getting back in the groove.
Here we go!

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