Friday, July 26, 2013


I did the Stair stepper for the first time at the gym this morning, and my brain is still hurting a bit.  It's like a non-stop heavy escalator, and my mind had a hard time wrapping around that at 5:00 am.   I kept feeling like I was going to fall off/get sucked under or something.  But anyway, Hey Fridayyyyyyyyy!
This song is starting to get some real airtime and I'm so happy.  I love this band!!!

They are from Iceland so it's unlikely I'll ever get to see them live, but I would love that.
Speaking of live music, I went to go purchase our tickets to The Killers and realized that they are $50 General Admission!  GA tickets to Family Circle Cup means sitting super high, having a hike to get a drink/use the restroom.  It's outdoors in August, and it's a Tuesday night.  So, I'm rethinking this.
Next up: Google, what have you done with my Gmail!?  I want my one inbox back!!!
This is not my screen shot but I'd like to answer "No" to email # 3.
I was sifting through some old photos and found this receipt on which I am referred to as "Devil Ears Gurl". 

This would be so much funnier if it wasn't after a Halloween party when I was, in fact, wearing devil horns.
Look at this beautiful baroque pearl pendant that my mom gave to me:

I love how the irregular shape makes it a little less traditional.
Now! Time to get through work and on to the weekend!
Hope it's a great one :)

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