Sunday, April 21, 2013

Some Recent Happenings...

Hi! Here are photos from the past 2 weeks:
 Basil with the most wonderful visitors...
who loved it (and us ;) so much that they are moving here!!!!! ! ! !!!
 These were dissapointing.
 My favorite sauce ever is the Buffayaki sauce at Gene's Haufbrau.  They sold me a full cup of it for $3.00 last time I was there, a good deal in my book.
 Buffayaki chicken, at home!, with grilled pineapple.
 Creekside happy hours are the best happy hours.
 The Movies in the Park was rescheduled (due to rain that never came) to this past Friday when the rain actually did come, and lots of it.  This was the "crowd" before we all went running for shelter about 5 minutes later.
 My boys!
Parmesan Plum tomatoes.  Recipe coming soon.
I honestly don't know what I would do without tomatoes.
 Our version of a Sunday Funday.
I bought new lamps on sale at TJs, and hey! hardwood floors are going in this coming Saturday.  Wish us luck as we will be doing it ourselves.
How was your weekend??

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