Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Break Down

No, I'm not having a breakdown.
But I did spend some time this morning breaking down all of my time and how I spend it each week.
Each week consists of 168 hours, and here is how I spend them:
Work: 55 hours per week
Sleep: 56 hours per week
Gym: 6 hours per week
117 total

This does not include time spent preparing for these activities (showering, driving, etc) and of course cooking and eating, which I will low ball at 1 hour total per day.
So, I'm at 124 hours.

So with all of these calculations it turns out that I have roughly 44 hours per week to use any way I'd like.  This is comforting to me when I feel like there aren't enough hours, when in fact my calculations allot me a solid amount of free time!  Who would have thought!
Check out these adorable cards I picked up at TJs last week for $5.00.  So cute!

And onion burgers tonight! 
I've used ranch dressing mix in beef for burgers as well, turned out very tasty!
So, we chose our book club pick:

It's a mystery set in the 20's!
I've never posted one of these, and I know it's not a very ladylike sentiment, but this had me nodding my head and laughing so much:

Strange but true, huh?

Ok friends,
Humpity Hump, let's do this!

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