Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Today we are two.
I actually remember walking to meet you on a crisp Fall evening, a week night, which made it feel even more exciting. Having met you only once, and briefly at that, I had wondered earlier that day if I would recognize you immediately.  I'd always found it hard to remember the face of a blossoming crush.
But of course I did.
There was an immediate comfort level, I'd say.  And isn't that what set you apart...what an ease with which my thoughts rolled over the early possibilities, the promise, and not once did you break them!
I'm one to worry, you know this, but you were so still and composed and it balanced me immediately.
I actually recall the exact moment I fell in love, and I'd never been so...content.  A girl so full of "remember when"s and "I can't wait until"s, and all she wanted was to stay right here right now with you!
I know no relationship sweeter, richer than ours.  I love how you finish the thoughts in my head sometimes. 
And I love how your skin smells, even though I'm so used to it now and I can't smell it anymore!
I love how predictable we are to one another...
Well, predictable sounds boring,
but really when it comes to love, let's save drama for the movies.
We'll make ordinary..extraordinary!
Thank you for balancing me.
Thank you for loving me when I'm up up up and when I'm down. 
Thank you for showing me where I belong, which is forever with you.
I love you babe,

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  1. I just teared up for real! That was so beautiful! I especially loved the line "A girl so full of "remember when"s and "I can't wait until"s, and all she wanted was to stay right here right now with you!" Put that sucker on a hallmark card and call it a day! Love yall! Happy 2nd birthday!


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