Monday, October 15, 2012

Cheese! and more...

Happy Monday to all!  I have some miscellaneous ramblings below for you.
Here we go!
We used our Wine and Design groupons last Thursday.  Not blown away in love with the paintings but we'll find a spot.
The HalloWINE Party was a complete success.  All of the planning and listing was worth it!
We love y'all!!!
Here is one snap of the group:
Girls + Wine + huge inflatable pumpkin= perfect shot.
More pics to come!
Ok friends, I want to share a lesson on cheese.
I want to first thank my James Island Harris Teeter cheese lady for schooling me on the art of a cheese tray!
I thought I would forward on because I think a good cheese display can be intimidating given all of your options.
I think I circled the cheese loop two or three times before finally asking for help. 
So many beautiful options, so. much. cheese.
After discussing budget and size, we decided to go with four options.  Let me break it down for you.  When selecting cheese for a large group you want first to choose a "familiar cheese"... I would categorize this as Aged Cheddar or Smoked Mozzeralla...something that your pickies (that's me!) will love.
That being said, these are the four categories that we decided on.  I reccomend this as a great mix of textures and flavors. 
1. Aged- This is where I went familiar.  I chose a 2 year aged cheddar.  Can I get a YUM?
2. Soft- Brie...another relatively safe choice, creamy and mild.
3 Hard- Manchego! Manchego! Manchego!
4. Stinky!- I went with a crumbly Blue, and while I didn't indulge, I'd say it was a hit.
Stick with these four categories and you will have a well balanced spread!

Annnnd lastly, I tend to do up a dinner menu for the week either Sunday or here you go! 
I'm happy to share recipes!

Stay tuned this week for: photos from the party and my new car!

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