Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts

I have just a few random thoughts for you today. 
Firstly, tonight K and I are headed to Wine School!  I'm pretty excited about this, as I've been searching the Charleston area for wine classes to no avail over the past year.  We did take the Wine Pairing class at Charleston Cooks and that was fun, but not quite as informational as I wanted.  Also, my mom and I hired a company to come and do an in-home wine tasting for our Hallowine party and oh, the poor guy they sent knew absolutely nothing about wine!  Luckily, mom and I had researched some wine trivia and that kept things interesting.  But our "teacher" was so uneducated himself.  Anyhow, I'm looking forward to tonight, and thanks for the invite Christina!
 Oh, and K's excited too.  I'd say this is about as happy as he gets:
Also, Did y'all catch any of Dina Lohan's Dr. Phil interview yesterday? Oh boy, it was rough.
Also, we are in preliminary planning stages for our New York Holiday!
We've been searching hotels and have found the New Yorker to be the option with the highest star rating and lowest price.  Does anyone have any feedback on this choice?  I've never stayed in a hotel in NYC, always with friends, so this is nerve wracking!

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