Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Catch Up

A bunch of pics to share with y'all...probably a months worth! Here we go!
Going away (to Denver) party for my girl Britt's bf, Jordan.  Prop overload.  
 My sweetheart.
Terriyaki shrimp skewers, red rice, succotash, and hushpups.  Who needs restaurant week?

I love patriotic bunting!

Fall Seasonal...a little too harsh for me.  K liked it!

=my happy place.

 I LOVE these girls!!
Family Folly Happy Hour!
 Porch sitting on Folly with my babies.  We had a wonderful staycation.
Home at last, look at my little boo creeping around the corner.  

And finally last night...I took the Wine School very seriously. 
Phew... now time for an early bed time.  Humpity Hump, all downhill from here!

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  1. that is a really really really good picture of your family! Frame and give as Christmas gifts to Bill and your rents!


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