Friday, September 3, 2021

Anna Maria Island, Part 3

The next day we decided to explore the other "downtown" of the island, Bridge Street.  
We had heard good things about The Fish Hole putt putt course so that was our first stop.  The course itself was fine, but the kids loved getting to feed the huge koi and the turtles.  Definitely would recommend this as a break from the beach.
Afterwards I dropped off K and MB, so big sister and I could go and spend her "souvenir money".  My mom had given her $5 and she was very excited to find the perfect thing.  So sweet!
We decided to go out for "Happy Hour" and get take out on our last night.  Our "Happy Hour" lasted one beer and I don't think either of us sat the entire time.  Such is life with the chillun.
But atleast we managed to get our one family photo out of it!

The next morning I was up early and took my coffee down to the beach for some shell hunting.  It had rained overnight so I felt like there may be a good chance of finding some treasures.  And I did!

I could have looked for hours and hours, but a las it was time to pack up and go.
We loved Anna Maria Island and can't wait to go back...Such a gem on the Gulf Coast!

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