Thursday, July 29, 2021

Thursday Thoughts

I am still plugging away at our "Curb Appeal Project" and would say I'm about 75% there.  We have done the landscaping, changed out the wrought iron column, and lime-washed our stone.  But the biggest impact has been changing out the furniture.  These saucer chairs (Facebook Marketplace find) bring such a modern look and it's amazing what a difference they've made.  Still to come:  New porch light, 2 large planters for either side of the chairs, and a fun garden stool for in between. 
We had a family brunch gathering last weekend and I made monkey bread for the first time in years.  I forget just how delicious and easy it is!

The girls had a fun week at VBS, which was cut short due to a positive COVID test...but at least we got a few days of fun out of it.

Today I am getting ready for a much anticipated "getaway" to Folly with my 2 best friends!
Gotta run!

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