Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Fourth of July Weekend

Hey hey, I hope everyone had a fantastic LOOOONG weekend.
Seriously, Friday feels like a month ago!
Let me think back...
Saturday we did yard work, cleaned house, and prepped food for a backyard bbq we were hosting on Sunday...all with my baby perched on my hip...oy.

 K grilled delicious buffayaki wings for dinner Saturday night.  
Sunday we had our cookout/pool party with friends.  Lots of fun.. It was definitely a lesson learned that for EB's First Birthday party (waaaaaah!) we will be keeping things super simple so we aren't busy in the kitchen/on the grill during her party.  This time around we had slow smoked ribs, grilled corn, potato salad, and watermelon.

Monday was EB's 9 month well check.
I noticed a land surveyor in the mural at our Pediatrician office.
"There's 'da da' at work!!"
After our appointment we hit the pool.
Notice anything different in the pic??
K's beard is gone!
Yesterday (the actual 4th) we went to the new Bagel Nation in West Ashley for breakfast in our patriotic rompers:
And then we had my parent's over for an early dinner.
I made mashed cauliflower au gratin as my side (to go with crock pot pulled pork and baked beans) and it was pretty good. Definitely have some tweaking to do to make it a "post worthy" recipe.
EB's First Fourth of July!!!
I truly can't believe it's supplies were going out at Walmart this morning.  Wow.
Hope y'all have a great week!

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  1. The cookout was awesome! It's been great getting the girls together.


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