Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Pregnancy Journal: One Month Countdown

Hello hello...
I meant to post this last week but you know how it goes. 
 I'm getting so close and so excited!  It's blowing my mind- the one month countdown starts today!  The last 5+ weeks since my previous update have been good!
We attended a New Parents course at the hospital which left us feeling a little more prepared.  We have been interviewing Pediatricians which I've really enjoyed.
(For anyone interested I used this Interview sheet to get into the right mindset.  I didn't actually ask all of these questions but it helped me organize my thoughts.)
Away we go!

Sleep I would say sleep is going...fine.  It is harder for me to get comfortable now and I feel like if I switch positions, I automatically have to get up to pee so that's a pain.  I do find that some nights my mind won't shut off with to do lists and nesting instincts.  I will also occasionally wake up with my throat on fire which brings me to...

Acid Reflux  This has really come on with a vengeance these last couple of weeks and it happens mostly in the afternoons/at night.  It's inevitable and medicine has done nothing for me, what ya gonna do.

Exhaustion  You know, it's hard to have much perspective on my exhaustion level at this point because I've been pregnant all year.  I do know that little things like folding laundry and vacuuming feel like much larger tasks at this point and little projects take forever because I constantly need breaks.  But overall I wouldn't say I feel exhausted.  

Food Aversions  Pretty much the same...just general "blah-ness" regarding food.  

Cravings  Waffle House Pecan Waffles, Frozen Milano cookies, Grilled hotdogs (charred on the outside)

Weight Gain  I have put on 19 lbs.  

Movement  All of the time.  I feel hiccups, kicks, punches, and what sometimes feel like somersaults.  This is truly one of my favorite parts of pregnancy.  I have not had any painful rib kicks or anything.

We are technically ready and settled to bring her home tomorrow should she come early, but another couple of weeks would be nice!  As far as "must have items" go, we're just about covered.  We still need to purchase a baby monitor and I've been waffling on swing vs. bouncer vs. rock n play vs. pack n play for months now.  I am only going to purchase one of these to get started and I would like whichever I choose to do double duty, i.e. a swing/bouncer combo or a pack n play with changing station and removable napper.   As if I haven't received enough (conflicting) opinions, I am open to any feedback y'all may have.  I am planning one last trip to Babies R Us and we will be good to go.

I am looking so forward to catching up with my friends this weekend at a Baby Shower they are giving me!  A few things on my current To Do list include Packing my hospital bag, getting a new cell phone, getting my car washed and the carseat set up, Schedule a maid service the week of my due date, finalize my last day of work...
It's goin' down for real.
Hope y'all are having a great week!

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