Friday, September 9, 2016

Life Lately

Some snaps of the haps around here lately...

Last Thursday was the official return of College Football!
I've got to admit, I really enjoyed hearing the whistles and crowd noises on the TV all weekend.  Every year I always make whatever K wants for dinner for the first gameday.  This year he said he wanted chili so that's what we had.  Chili is so simple and pretty delicious any way you do it, but I always brown the meat with chopped celery (3 or 4 stalks), a medium green bell pepper, and onion.  I think it's the perfect base for any recipe you choose!
On Friday we were both home from work due to the threat of Hermine.  It was a loooong day stuck inside and we both felt stir crazy.  By Saturday night we were itching to get out so we decided to have a special dinner at Basil.  We haven't been out downtown much (at all??) this year, so I spent extra time getting ready.  I was feeling great, loving my hair and makeup and felt like my outfit really accentuated my bump, so I asked K to take a few pictures of me and I swear to you this was the best he got.  I mean, really?!  Instagram husband, he is not.  For the sake of documentation, here is a picture of me on what I assume will be our last big "date night" as non-parents.  
Ended the night with a stop by Cupcake :)
On Sunday I had the sweetest Baby Shower given by my Aunts.  There was lots of delicious brunch food and our little baby was spoiled!  (This dress was from my Pea in the Pod flash sale haul)
We decorated bibs and onesies:

And here you have some private investigator style photos of me:
Thank you to Aunts Jerri, Jeanette, and Vicky for showering me and my daughter with love!
On Monday we worked around the house all day and grilled out for dinner.
It was nice to enjoy sitting outside without the stifling humidity!
It was a short week and another busy weekend starts now!
I hope y'all have a great one.

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