Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Highfive

TGIF, for realz.
Here's a highfive for getting through the week.
I am SO bummed to have to miss the long awaited "hometown" Band of Horses show.  They are one of Kev and I's favorite bands to listen to together and I have been sporadically checking their website for YEARS hoping for a local show.  As much as we intend on maintaining "date night" post-baby, I think October 19th may be a liiiittle soon (10/7 due date) to be hitting the town.  Tickets are on sale today for any of y'all interested.  I am certain it will be an awesome show.
I'm back in the kitchen, which makes me happy...only thing missing is my glass of wine in hand.  Here are three of our dinners from the week:
Shrimp Alfredo
Two things: We used local shrimp which made this extra delicious.  Also, I know I've mentioned this before, I love adding peas in with pasta if I'm using a cream based sauce.  I just throw them in frozen with the boiling noodles for the last few minutes and they add a fresh crunch to richer dishes.
 Stuffed Peppers
These had seasoned ground beef, tomatoes, and black beans.   As you can see here, we eat most of our weeknight dinners in front of the tv.  I'm sure this will be coming to an end soon. 
'Nuff said
Are any of y'all watching 'The Night Of'on HBO?  We caught the first two episodes On Demand this week and it's pulled us in.  I absolutely love the dark lighting and the slow suspense, reminds me a lot of the movie Seven.
I am looking for baby shower dresses and I found this one, but can't decide if I like the solid black or print better??  I am ordering both to try on but would love opinions.  I initially found it on Nordstrom's site (simply had to pop over and see what all the #nsale fuss was about) but then I found it on Amazon for less than half the price!

I hope y'all have a great weekend!
I will be posting my 30 week Pregnancy Journal and a peek at the nursery next week.

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