Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Our Weekend

Hey, Tuesday!  It's my first day back in the office today.  I had my glucose test yesterday and decided to take the whole day to relax.  So it's another short week over here.  How was everyone's weekend?  Mine was good.  I managed to remember to take some pictures, so here you go!
Does anyone know what's the deal with these wooden silhouettes around town this weekend?  I can't make out any words or logo so I'm just wondering what's the message here...I saw several in West Ashley and Downtown.
In other "scenes from the car" I have got to give some credit to whoever does the landscaping for the Harris Teeter on Savannah Hwy.  I swear it's like a tropical oasis in that lot and I want to hire whoever created it!
 I met up with my friend Carrie for dinner at East Bay Deli and she gave me some pictures printed from her wedding, including this "hidden camera" shot.  It's such a sweet memory for me because this was during the time that K and I were keeping my pregnancy a complete secret.  It was a really special time for us and this picture captures it nicely.
Ok, on to this weekend's main event: Kristina's Baby Shower!
We had a delicious brunch to honor the mom-to-be and sweet Emma, who will be arriving late August. 
We had the pinterest favorite, Late night diaper messages.  
My co-hostess, Bonnie, came up with a fabulous craft where we all painted tiles with a "wildflower" concept, which is the general theme of Emma's nursery.  
It was a blazing furnace outside!

The (nearly) finished product.  The final tile in the bottom right will have the date of the shower and then it will be framed as wall art for the nursery.  I loved the way this came together.  Bonnie said that it was around $40 for the paint, brushes, and tile. 
Me with the glowing guest of honor:
The shower was so perfect and you could really feel the joy and anticipation for Emma Grace.
I can not wait to meet this little lady and for our daughter to have a special friend.
Later this week I'll share my favorite baby shower gift idea.
Until then...
Y'all have a fab week.

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