Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekend Update

Happy Monday!
It may be wishful thinking, but I swear it's feeling a bit cooler out there...atleast in the
So let's see, I worked late on Friday and then had another long day at work on Saturday (8-6) so there isn't a whole lot to share with our weekend, but here goes.
I was exhausted Saturday night, with absolutely zero interest in going out or cooking.
I remembered that I had some unused Kick Chick loyalty points, we used them on delivery for dinner.  Love their buffalo wrap.

On Sunday, Alfie had brunch!
I thought K was joking when he said he bought Alfie brunch but nope:
We went to the pool allll day yesterday then around the corner for Happy Hour with our spoiled boo.

 We love this little park, and how close it is to home.
 I showed some snaps from another HH at Dock Street Park in this post.
Then for dinner I made a hybrid of shrimp & grits and jambalaya,
eaten while watching the True Detective finale.
And totally unrelated to our weekend, I am thinking about buying this dress from Nordstrom for our vacation this November.  Love the back!
There you have it, our weekend!
How was yours?

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