Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Hooray, the weekend is almost here!
Here are some random things on my mind:
Whoever does the social media for Miss Piggy, I think you have my dream job.
Arizona Diet Green Tea reminds me of highschool.  My girl Carrie and I would always stop by Bert's on the way home from Folly for a large can of this and a corndog.  Perfection!  I have started buying it in 12 packs from the grocery.
I'm looking so forward to a little getaway with my 2 besties in a few weeks. 
We are zipping down the coast to Hilton Head to indulge in pool/beach/spa time and room service.  

Annnd here's what's cookin' this week:
Looking forward to chicken tacos tonight...
Wings on Sunday in anticipation of Football Season!
What's on your mind?

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