Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat...

Except, Minus the tricks because I just want to share some treats with y'all today: 
These boots are divine. I honestly can't handle the love I have.
  These are by Charlotte Olympia. I am on the lookout for calf hair boots people!

I am running out to Hallmark this afternoon to pick up some photo frame cards.  I prefer these to the printed kinds that are most popular these days.

This year for our Christmas Eve Mass and Party I've opted for a black Talbots sheath dress with sheer sleeves, so I need a glam necklace to rock it out of the park.  This Anthro version is fab, huh?

I bought bright white nail polish from Walmart! 
It reminds me of painting my nails with whiteout in middle school.
Did y'all ever do this?

These are Joe Fresh black twill pants with velvet polka dots. Hey now!

To me, this is the ultimate in pretty bedroom lamps.
Enjoy your Halloween evening :)

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