Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Halloweekend!

Hey there my little pretties,
This weekend was filled with Hocus Pocus!
Check it out:
Friday night my girl Chels threw a costume party where K and I debuted our beekeeping ensembles.  K is not a fan of costume parties, but he's such a good sport and he looked so cute!
Note: He wore this hat for about 5 minutes.
"She's a keeper" -K the Bee Man
Saturday was my annual Hallowine Party!  Mom and I kept it low key this year, and it was such a fun afternoon.
One of my favorite Halloween Party decorations: freezing gloves filled with water.
Ice hands!!
Oh, and I made puppy chow. 
Which should basically be called poison, because it is lethal (to your waistline)!
My girls!
Annnnd the afterparty. 
Let's talk about the Carolina comeback?  Whaaaat!
Last night we I watched Hocus Pocus and fell asleep super early.
All these tricks and treats can really wear a girl out!
How was your weekend??

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