Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oh, hey!

I just wanted to pop in and essentially say "hey there, nice to see ya but I gotta run".
I've been understaffed at work and I'm burning the candle at both ends this week.
***Lexus of Charleston is looking for a part-time Receptionist, do you know someone looking?  Contact me for details!**

On that note, I purchased a recent hair tool that has really changed my game up.  I've got Carrie Bradshaw hair, thick with wild curls and no method to the madness!  For as long as I can remember my "hair routine" consists of showering at night, waking up with crazy head and either spot straightening and using strategic bobby pins, or ponytailin' it.  I've never been high maintenance when it comes to getting ready, except on weekends and special occasions- when I have the time to spare and enjoy taking my time primping.   I decided to buy a hair wand on recommendation from another low maintenance friend of mine (love you Abby), and I'm so happy with it!  It has really helped me with looking a little more polished in the hair department.  I'll share with you my new system...and I suggest this for other girls with thick, wild hair looking to appear a little more refined without the time or energy to straighten or spend taming your manes.
Step 1: Brush your hair and put in the half up, half down hair style.
Step 2: Use your straightener to clean up the kinks/general craziness that is bed head.
Step 3: Use hair wand to curl the front pieces of your "half down" hair.
Here is a strange, lopsided, and awkward self portrait of the look:

I'm loving this style because, simply by curling two chunks of my hair, I think it looks like I "did" it... that I spent time on it (time that I really don't have!).  And while appearance isn't everything, a little effort really does say something and shows that you "care".
I purchased this wand and have really enjoyed using it (minus the glove):

Remington Pearl

One more quick thing:
This beer is the bomb!  We found it at Coleman Public House last week and were so excited...haven't seen it anywhere since Club Habana (RIP).
I reccomend!

That is all.  Humpity Hump, I have to work this weekend so it's not a huge "over the hump" moment for me but ok! Let's go!  I hope to upload a month's (or 2) worth of photos this weekend.  Stay tuned.

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