Monday, March 25, 2013

Book Club, Baked Chicken, and More

This weekend was a dreary one.  We went to see "Identity Thief" Saturday night (meh), spent some time in the gym, and I made stuffed shells, garlic bread, Caesar salad, and raspberry shortcake for dinner last night. 
Oh so Delicious!  
I'm excited about this week...some of my friends and I are starting a Book Club.  I'm looking forward to having scheduled time together atleast once a month.    I picked this up from Barnes & Noble Bargain Books section:

I'm a total sucker for Organization tools, what can I say?
Do you have any book club recommendations/tips?
Also, tonight I am baking a whole chicken.  This was one of my absolute favorite meals growing up.  You use a chicken bullion cube with flour and water to create a scrumptious gravy from the drippings.  I can not wait!

One more thing, I picked up this butter dish from Francesca's in Town Centre before the movie on Saturday:

P.S. While preparing her house to go on the market, my mom found her Wedding Planner book, 1983 style y'all.  I'm preparing a post with my Thoughts on Tradition, hopefully will be up later this week. 
Stay Tuned.
Happy Monday!
Wait, who am I kidding?  I am NOT feeling this today.
Over & Out.

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