Sunday, August 26, 2012


Oh boy, this weekend kicked my butt.  I'm actually happy to get back to work and routine.  I think this shift in weather induced a weekend of over-indulgence for us. Anyone else feel this way?
I'm going to post some snaps from both this and last weekend.  Enjoy!
We enjoyed the Moneybags appetizer at Red Orchid 2 Fridays ago...
Wildflowers from K 
Sing to me, Clarence. 
Citizen Cope lovers. 
 New cow hair shoes

Last Sunday: My "Who needs Kick Chick?" masterpiece.
Taco Boy sangria swirl: Always a good (or bad?) thing!
 Rooftop photo-op
 Escargot dipping at Rue.
 Saturday picnic with my boys.  Oh, joy!
Tonight, we're grillin' and sippin'. Hope your past two weekends were fantastic!
A busy week is on the horizon, going away party Tuesday and Thursday: The Return of College Football.
Here we go!

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