Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tailgate Time

It's hard to believe that Football Season is here.  Boy, I know K sure is ready to see his Gamecocks in action tonight!  And I'm just ready to cook & eat! and socialize! and plan game-day outfits!
We're already setting some dates to head up to Columbia, so naturally I'm focused on what food we will bring.  I reccomend food that travels well and that you can eat with your hands.
Always something savory:  I'm a fan of a hearty snack at a tailgate...something of substance to help you out next to a cooler full of beer.  I made these mini ham and cheddar biscuits for last years haul.
And something sweet:  Now, I mentioned these before, but black bottom cupcakes travel well and are far more decadent than the typical tailgate treat.
I am known to go overboard when it comes to food preparation so this year I'm vowing to keep it simple and not bring everything but the kitchen sink.  I think both of these recipes are sure to satisfy.
We've also brought cold cuts and sub fixings before, which definitely hits the spot and doesn't get much easier.
Oh, and check out my Game-Day treats, lazy girl style.
Also, here are my non-food essentials for a tailgate, aka Party At My Car!

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