Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Last Weekend

Phew, finally over the hump.  I had all intentions of working out before heading to the office this morning but forgot to set my alarm. Freudian slip?
Ok. So, Lots of pics to share with you:
 Fun times with Miss Anna
Voodoo for a late-night Tiki drink
 Um, have you tried white chocolate Reese's????  Pure decadence.
 Saturday night we decided to go crabbing!
 Annnnd we caught 2.
 K showed us how to make them fall asleep by rubbing their bellies.  Let me tell you, my dad and I got the biggest kick out of this.
 Sunday Pool Party for a good friend's birthday...
 Shrimp and sausage paella.
This was the best pic that K snapped yesterday, at the driving range on the Ocean Course. 
Let's hope the weather cheers up for the actual tournament this weekend, huh?
Alright y'all, it's downhill from here!

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