Monday, July 16, 2012

The Weekend

Friday night we went to the Riverdog's Game.  I was so happy with the 82' temp and the nice breeze, the fireworks, and not to mention our second row seats. 

What a great view behind the stadium.

I ordered the footlong corndog and there just wasn't enough crunch for me.  But dang, that's a long dog!

I couldn't get a better shot, but the fireworks were great, as usual!

We checked out a new-to-us bar called the Stono Breeze over on John's Island Saturday night for sunset. It was a fun spot!

Sunday night was our homemade pizza party!


Buffalo Chicken

Now, back to the grind.  I have to admit though, Mondays aren't so bad considering it's my gym day off AND the Bachelorette. 
P.S.  I'm learning so much about the car industry and I'm loving it!

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