Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sweeeeet Summertime

Oh, hello!  Here are a couple of new favorites:
Snyder's Mesquite BBQ Potato Crisps and Shiner Ruby Redbird beer.  I don't know why, but bbqchips just taste like summer to me.  I imagine these are similar to the popular "Popchips".
This beer is fresh and CRISP y'all.  It makes me wish I was hot and sweaty right now so it could refresh me.  I definitely recommend it.
Also, here is an inspiration shot of my next DIY project.  Aren't these shorts darling?

And super simple too. 
I'm so happy it's Friday.  I have a jam packed weekend on the horizon.  Tomorrow night, Fulton Five for a much needed treat.  Saturday is my hair appointment annnnd the LeaMond family reunion (with a live Bluegrass band what what!).  And Sunday I'd like to catch the new Dark Knight flick and maybe spend some time doing...nothing.


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