Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dear Folly,

My dear Folly Beach,
I can't believe how popular you have become within the past 10 years! I remember, in highschool, before Bert's burnt to the ground, before I had to pay for parking... Remember then?  It was young love for me and you, my first sips of beer while relaxing on your sand, my first heartbreak tears among your waves.  But alas you have grown too crowded and hence drinking is prohibited now.  I'm not a fan of dealing with your constant beach patrol.  I will remember the way we were, but I'm moving on....
To Sullivan's. 
And my heart has always belonged to Sullivan's, if you must know.  I grew up sliding on refrigerator boxes down the big hill, running hand in hand among the forts.  My dad grew up on Sullivan's, only recently was the family home sold. (devastating). 
Oh, and check out my grandparents.  Weren't they gorgeous? 
When the time comes that K and I have a photoshoot of our own, it will most certainly involve Sullivan's Island groins. K holding me just like so, and the love of many generations of both our families.
Folly, it's not you, it's me.  And I'm moving on.

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