Monday, April 30, 2012

The Weekend

Wow, I'm exhausted. 
 Friday night I ventured downtown for a fun Bachelorette night out for Cydney.  And it really was so much fun!  I made the commitment to wake up early for a Body Combat class (my absolute favorite) on Saturday, but let me tell y'all, my head was pounding.

Oh, Oh!  Check out my shorts!
After Combat I beat the crowds at Publix, picked up subs and teddy grahams (only the essentials) and we hit the beach.  We were out there for a fun 7 hours and I forgot to put sunscreen on the top of my feet.  Owwww.  These guys walked past us multiple times playing "Wanna Be A Baller".  Priceless.

 I think by this picture I'm actually just collapsing on K's shoulder.
 Sunday we saw "The 5 Year Engagement" (cute, but long) and ended the evening with a cocktail at the Pavillion Bar. 
I repeat: Wow, I'm exhausted.

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