Monday, April 23, 2012

The Weekend

Friday night we showered Cyd with about as much lingerie as we could find.  I wanted all of it for my own stash!
Saturday night K and I had a date!  We have become accustomed to parking in garages over the past year.  Charleston is just way too crowded to circle around anymore!  But there are some perks to the crowds, like this photo op on the roof.  That's K's church (St. Matthews) in the background.

 Before dinner we went to the Belmont for a drink, and it is "a fine place to drink".  We love the dim ambiance and the black and white movie projections.  I also loved these cloth cocktail napkins!
Sunday was truly a dreary day, with no photos to show for it.  We did have a couple's trip to the gym, which I love.  Working out with my guy is an instant motivator!  Dinner at home after a funeral visitation for an amazing man, and the weekend was done.

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