Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Life Lately

We are coming out of a stretch of sickness over here...stomach bugs, lingering coughs...  But I'm happy to get it out of the way (fingers crossed) so we can enjoy the holiday season.
Here is a recap of some of the last month.
Taco Boy Anniversary lunch.  We went to a comedy show and stayed downtown the night before...but the real treat was a slow morning and a lunch out without the chilluns.
9 years!!! <3333
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  The weather cooperated perfectly....despite both Wednesday and Friday being cold and rainy.  A Turkey Day Sunshine Miracle!
We were so grateful to everyone who came and we love having a full table, even if all of the chairs are mismatched...
Thankful for cousins!
I turned 38 last Friday!
Champage and Basil Take Out
And an afternoon at the spa Saturday.
This also happened Saturday...
We have had a highchair in our kitchen for 7 years.  The Mr. Baby absolutely refuses to sit in a highchair, as he thinks he is 4 years old.  So we said Goodbye to our Ikea highchair, and now these 2 are eating at "the little table" for lunches/snacks.  It's absolute chaos but it's fun to make the change. 
Love this middle sister MB!
Sunday we put up the trees and decked the halls in our Christmas PJs...
I'm pulling out all of my holiday dresses/accesories to start putting some looks together.  Tonight is my first "Holiday Night out" to Avondale Wine and Cheese with girlfriends and then the next few weeks are jam packed.  
If you need a calm moment during the madness, might I reccomend a cup of tea.  I picked this up because I am a sucker for the marketing but I'm really enjoying warm tea these days.  You know, now that I'm in my late thirties.........................
Ok, On Dasher on Dancer...
I'm outta here.  
Ho Ho Ho

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