Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Our Weekend

In typical fashion, I've got my weekend report coming at you on a Wednesday!  
It's so hard to find the time to blog now, but it's such a priority for me to keep a record of our family life during these very special days.
So let's see...  
Friday night was Dateline (Laci Peterson story) and East Bay Deli delivery. 
K typically works on Saturdays but he was home early this week and we took a family trip to Lowes.  We bought tomato plants and set them up in planters in the middle of our yard.  Hoping for some big juicy ones soon!  Also, new tiki torches!
For dinner K grilled pork loin.  We decided to try this peach sauce I saw in a recent issue of Palmetto magazine.  It was really good!  (it's peaches, vinegar, sugar, and thyme).
 We paired it with mushroom tortellini from the farmers market (just a tablespoon of butter for the sauce, it's so delicious on it's own) and paprika/parmesan grilled corn.  The meal was great but we agreed that it may have been a little too flavorful...meaning too many different flavors.  
 On Sunday we took a leisurely drive(baby was napping) before having lunch downtown at Taco Boy.  
This little lady enjoyed it just as much as we did.  She loved their guacamole...I may need to try avocado again soon.
We ended the weekend with burgers on the grill at my parents' house.
I can't believe this is the last week in April...hope it's a great one!

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