Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Highfive

Hello, Easter weekend!  Here is a highfive for getting through the week!
The new landscaping at Colonial Lake is fabulous!
I've always felt like the lake was sort of an eye sore, but all of the restoration has really made it an excellent spot for a stroll.
EB's Daddy joined us at the Little Gym this week and she was so full of herself over it!  She was showing off and chirping like a little bird the entire time.  Adorable.
This is one of my favorite Costco buys.  They didn't have it for a while but it's back and I'm glad.
We are hosting Easter Brunch and I'm keeping it simple.  It's going to be Potluck style and I'm using some fancy disposable plates I found at Tuesday morning.  I am also going to try these little "DIY carrot napkins", my first attempt pictured below.  I didn't mean to buy the green tulle, thought it was ribbon, but it will just have to do.  I am also going to provide To-Go boxes for everyone so we can easily giveaway some of the leftovers. 
I found this cute bunny display stand at TJ's and it turned me on to the brand Meri Meri.  They have such adorable party supplies and decorations.  Check them out here.
That's a wrap.  I've got a big life lately post coming next week.  We are having a wonderful Spring and hope you are too.  
Happy Easter!!

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