Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Highfive

Friday, hooray!
Here's a highfive for getting through the week!
I'm trying to shed a few of my newlywed "happy pounds" before we go on our trip this December.  All I can say is Thank goodness for seafood.  We are eating fish at least twice a week these days.  Tonight we're grilling swordfish steaks.  Here is Tuesday's dinner: seasoned flounder filets with tomatoes.  Q: Are these grape or cherry tomatoes?
Scenes from lunchtime walks...
LOVE this jumbo witches hat:
I feel like I've seen a painting that looks so similar to this photo, but I can't seem to remember the artist...Steven Jordan maybe?
I spy my little burrito boy!  
He doesn't usually sleep in bed with us but we always bring him up for morning cuddles.
This is the sad stare I get as I'm getting dressed for work.
I have tried all 3 varieties of these and the green ones are my fave.
I think the avocado gives it a little creaminess:
What do y'all have going on this weekend?
We're busy with FUN stuff.
I'll catch you up next week,
have a great one friends!

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