Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Humpity Hump!

What up y'all, what up Fall!
I've got some miscellaneous mumbo jumbo for you this morning!
I am so happy for the cooler temps today, as long as the rain keeps off.
Charleston's dreary weather yesterday was chillin' me to my bones!
Yesterday was the most appropriate weather for a dinner of grilled cheese and tomato soup...
So that's exactly what I made last night.
No matter how old I get, 
I always cut my grilled cheese like my mom used to when I was little.
I swear it makes it taste better:
I've been anxiously checking the mail every night, waiting on this beauty to arrive from BCBG for my "Cake and Cocktails" Bridal shower on Sunday:
Please tell me someone went to see TJ Miller at the Sottile last Thursday night.
I was dying to go but K had to be in Savannah by 8 am Friday morning and it just didn't seem responsible to be out late. Boo.

He cracks us up.
It's hard to see the details of this November calendar I'm working on for my team.
All you need to know is that all those days shaded purple, this girl is OFF.
If you didn't realize, that's two whole weeks.  Two whole weeks I am OFF.
And before I go, is anyone planning on attending this year's New Belgium Clips of Faith Event tomorrow night?
This is 2013's invite, but it starts at the same time.
This will be our 4th year attending, it's become a fun fall tradition in our house!
I hope your Wednesday is going well!

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