Friday, September 5, 2014

Bucket List Update

Well well well, Labor Day has come and gone and I thought I would quickly review the Bucket List I posted to see how it panned out.

1. Read The Outlander Series.  
I reeeally overestimated myself here.  There are several books in the series, each one very dense and long.  I'm on the second book and I'm also really enjoying the Starz series based on the book.

2.Take a Le Creuset cooking class.  
I was not able to fit this in, but the classes aren't going anywhere so this will probably happen after the holidays.  

3. Try out a new (to us) restaurant.  
We made it to The Obstinate Daughter and it was fantastic!

4. Recreate this picture with K on Sullivans.
We recreated this picture, only there was no one around to snap the photo ;)

5. Clean out all closets, cabinets, and drawers.  Depending on results, consider a Garage sale.
Done, no garage sale.  A couple years back I did a MAJOR clean out and so there wasn't as much junk as I'd anticipated this go around.

6. Purchase a curio cabinet for my special pieces.
Going to check one out from Craigslist this weekend!

7. Make home-made spring rolls.  
I went to buy all of the ingredients and, upon adding up the cost, decided Basil would be more fun ;)

8. Order K’s wedding band.
Just did this!  I'm using layaway at Zales Outlet.

9. Take my team at work out for Dinner/Drinks.
There was some transition after I posted this and so I'm waiting until everyone is settled again.
Time flies and I probably won't be taking on anything additional to wedding planning for the remainder of 2014.
 Here's another snap from my Bachelorette, I am waiting for my Choo to post the album so I can break it all down for y'all, and relive it myself!

Happy Friday!!!!

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