Tuesday, November 6, 2012

on why i will never swim in beresford creek again.

If you ask K his favorite creek to anchor the boat in he'd quickly answer "Beresford".  This creek is relatively low traffic and is not cramped with docks, wonderful for swimming and floating...it's a great cruise if you're out around D.I.
So yes, Beresford Creek is a favorite and then I came home last night and K says:
"I saw the craziest thing online today!"...
Meet Mary Lee:

Mary Lee is a 16 foot Great White, originally tagged off the Coast of Cape Cod.  You've seen these shows on Discovery, they tag a shark and then they can track them as they travel via satellite signals.
And well, here's Mary Lee's track:
 So, it looks as though she's come South.  It's unusual to me, as I've heard they don't typically like such warm water.  But well, the "pings" she's giving off indicate she's been hanging around the Charleston Harbor recently...
Oh, and there is one signal that is most disturbing to me.  Because it seems Mary Lee took a scenic route through the Lowcountry and she was tracked swimming around in Beresford Creek.  You see that first bend, that's our anchor and swim spot. Well, I should say "was" our spot. 
Because I am never swimming in Beresford Creek again.
* The information and photos can be found at http://sharks-ocearch.verite.com/ *

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  1. omgosh. Oh to be young again and not realize that things like sharks and alligators are all around you out there. Those were the days! :)


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