Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Eyes on the Prize

The prize= an extra long holiday weekend, starting at noon next Wednesday!
ok.  Last week was the busiest of my life.  And it's really not slowing down much, what with Thanksgiving a week away.  At some point I'll upload some pictures of the chaos, but putting on three large scale events for work (along with my regular job duties), friends in town, and Charleston Cup on Sunday has worn. me. out.
I'm vowing to take an easy weekend ahead to recharge and get ready for next week (volunteering! turkey day 5k! clemson vs carolina!) and I've planned a spa day to gear up for the Holiday Season.
I'm still looking around for some Christmas Card inspiration.  I loved ours last year!  I actually found these really cute cards that you just put your own picture in...
This year I may go the printed card route, perhaps incorporating some of our recent photo booth snaps...
I was searching through some older pictures and these are some of my favorites.  Too bad they aren't Christmas-ish, plus no card would be complete without our Alfie!

Here he is!

I hope everyone is finding the time to relax a bit before Holiday Season is in full swing!
Fa la la

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