Thursday, September 29, 2022

Thoughts on Thursday

K is home today to prep for whatever Hurricane/Tropical Storm brings our way.  That's how I'm able to pop in and say Hello!  
Life with three is...busy.  I really understand the saying 'Full Hands, Full Heart' these days.  We are still very much finding our groove as a family of five but it is going well.  Baby J is just the sweetest.  He's also the hungriest.  Our days consist of lots and lots of feedings.  Lots of car naps.  And lots of baby wearing.  
I have been using my wrap/sling until my sister in law let me borrow the Ergo, which is definitely better on my back.
I have not ventured out with all three more than a few times.  Just to the library and chic fil a, our *safe places* .  EB took this on the walk back from the food court.  She's having her birthday party at Outslide In in a couple weeks...6 years old!
EB drew this diagram of how to do the Cupid Shuffle, which I think is the most wonderful thing:
Baby is awake so I only have time for one last thing.  I wanted to share this resource for new moms.  Postpartum Support Charleston delivers monthly care packages with a lasagna, flowers, and a few other items.  I love love LOVE this and plan to give back to the cause once my time allows.
Ok, I gotta run.  Hope to catch up some more soon.

Thinking of everyone impacted by Hurricane Ian, especially those in Florida.  I always think of moms in the hospital delivering their babies during storms because this was my experience with Hurricane Matthew in 2016.  A very stressful time.  Thoughts and prayers.

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