Thursday, May 9, 2013


My best friend Abby and I have a special connection, no doubt.  We met as randomly placed roommates freshman year in the CofC dorms.  If there were any moments in life to which I could rewind time, I would choose (1st would be my first few dates with K) Abby and I's midnight conversations in our side by side twin beds.  We would stay up all night making each other laugh.  We have always been the kinds of friends that love to analyze life together.  Our conversations remind me of comedian commentary, calling attention to the weird things that people think or do but don't really talk about.
One of my favorite conversations (of my life, ever!) was after a late night of studying.  We were thinking about how we were feeling crazy.  This was back in the days of AIM and I think we had each set our "Away Message" as every emoticon that we were feeling every which way and no which way at once. You follow?  We were lamenting on how sometimes you can't really explain how you feel and that there isn't an exact emotion to describe it.  We then jumped to the idea that everyone has their own perceptions on emotion.  When you're embarrassed do you feel the same as when I'm embarrassed?
We went on to start listing every emotion we could feel, the more obscure the funnier, and as we were doing this we both started taking on this strange southern drawl in a deep voice.
It never fails to put a smile on face, recalling the hours we could pass doing this.
Yesterday Abby sent me an email with a link to this article called 
I've pasted a couple of the graphs from the article below, obviously they are very small and hard to read but I loved the information! 
This is no original thought, different languages without true translations, but it's fascinating none the less and I thought I'd share.

Tocka (top left), yep I've totally felt that before.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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