Monday, January 28, 2013

Review: The Rarebit

Friday night we were delighted to join some friends at a(nother) new restaurant on upper King Street, The Rarebit. 
Let me say this, I think that upper King is becoming a bit oversaturated with new restaurants, and specifically new, overpriced and trendy restaurants.  We went downtown a couple weeks ago for the first time since Christmas and I think we counted 4 new spots, within 2 blocks.  Is that a little crazy to anyone else??

But, back to my point, which is to review the Rarebit for you.  I really liked the style of the restaurant: nice lighting, fresh faced staff, it was a good vibe.  We joined 4 of our friends at 7 pm on a Friday at a restaurant that doesn't take reservations.  We easily got drinks at the bar and I was very happy that we didn't seem to wait very long before being seated in one of their huge booths.  It was a bit tight, but I'll go with cozy.
Well, of course I had checked the menu earlier that day, and I was pleasantly surprised with the price points, nothing above $15.00!  This is extremely rare (pun definitely intended) to find a menu not comprised of greasy bar food or pizza in this range.  I was so happy!  I was also very very happy to see some healthier options that actually sounded delicious, and not like a sacrifice.  You see, we already had plans for Poogan's on Saturday night for which I was planning to splurge, and I don't really like eating out two nights in a row.  So, on the menu was "Ratatouille". Yum Yum Yum,
ratatouille 11
Mandolin cut zucchini & carrots baked in a tomato
spinach sauce topped with provelone
doesn't this sound good?  And so good for you, to boot.
I ordered this dish and it was great.  I would reccomend it to anyone who loves what I'd describe as Veggie Lasagna (it was served with hot bubbling cheese over layers of sauce and veggies, in a little casserole ramekin).  I also will mention that they serve breakfast all the time.  My kind of place.
K ordered the chicken club with a side of mac and he loved it.  Best of all, when the check came....
$30.00!!!!  For dinner downtown. Wow! 
We really enjoyed The Rarebit and will be back for sure.  In my own wierd review speak, I'll give it "a Pearlz ambiance on a Kickin Chicken budget".  Go and see for yourselves!

{pictures from their Facebook page}

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