Friday, May 31, 2013


In our Wine Awesomeness Delivery this past month we received Muga Rosado, and while I don't like Sparkling Rose, this was a truly delightful wine.  K and I remarked that it was the perfect compromise considering he's a red drinker, and I'm a white.

I am excited to celebrate my Nana's 81st birthday tonight with the whole family!
I'm the only person ready for this photo.
Speaking of my nana, one thing that she definitely passed down to me is the love of costume jewelry.  I've always loved changing jewelry according to outfits, but lately I've really switched to wearing the same everyday.  Pearl earrings, my rings and bracelet (which I've talked about before), and this necklace with a mexican fire opal charm:

I was so happy to buy peaches at the grocery store!
The perfect afternoon pick me up:

and despite my usual aversion to country music, I just love this:

This weekend I am ready to roll my windows down and cruise... to Folly Beach baby!
Y'all have a great one!

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