Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Best Weekend Ever

What a truly joyful weekend we had! I was able to take some time off from work last week after traveling to Atlanta and it made for a super long weekend.  This is just what the doctor ordered. 
A quick rundown:
Thursday I spent catching up on some things around the house, grocery shopping, and hitting the gym.  (It never ceases to amaze me how long a day feels when I'm not at work.)  I dropped off some stuff at Goodwill and I really hit the motherload this trip.  I scored some simple oxford shirts and a dress that I can't wait to show y'all! Here is what a day-off outfit looks like:
Friday was beach day, after one of my favorite classes at the gym (that I can't ever make bc of work).  It was absolutely gorgeous on Folly!  I snapped a pic of this kayak/fishing boat.  I was impressed:
When K got off work we had a few drinks at the Crab House before dinner with Chelsea and Cameron.  I have pictures on my camera from that as well but for now you only get phone snaps.  
Saturday we hit the pool and then the ball game. And Sunday we had a family bbq. 
Finally, Yesterday was so nice because we had absolutely nothing planned.  We had a late breakfast, hit the pool and then went downtown to walk the Mega Dock at the Marina and watch the sunset. 
So relaxed and so happy.

And so today I am back at work, but I'm feeling refreshed and hey, it's already Tuesday!
Here is my work outfit, an ode to Memorial Day:

How was your Memorial Day Weekend?

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