Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hello Photo

Picture Time!
Happy Hour at Home!
 These are from the"Great Expectations" event supporting OLM & The Neighborhood House.  Interior Designers decorated tables with the theme of their favorite book.  Can you tell what books are for what tables?
Hint on this one: It's been made into a movie that's in theatres now...
 This one was my fave:
 All of the laterns were lit up at night, very pretty.
 Our hardwood flooring from Habitat was not functional so we had to go with a laminate.  It was a bit of a blow to my bank account, but the end result is great.  Alfie wasn't feeling the change of plans either.
 Mariachi!  They played "Ring of Fire" for our table.
 This is what happens when there is only one pregnant friend in your group:
 Enchiladas for Cinco de Mayo
 & fun at Mex 1.
 My "Welcome to Charleston" package for Mattie and Joe.  I only wish I had put it all in a colander!  A day late and a dollar short on that one.
 Love my cheese slate:
 We're big dorks...
 Mother's Day Brunch prep:
 Tables are set!
 Love my home. Love my life.
 Special Delivery!  Also, I made this arrangement and I'm kinda proud of it :)
 I haven't really liked the high-low (mullet?!) skirt trend, but this dress was just too dreamy. Sheer Lavender? 100% Yes!
Looooong weekend ahead and I am SO happy about it!
Beach then celebrating with my Choo (aka future Mrs. Moore) tomorrow.
Riverdogs game Saturday night.
Family Cookout Sunday- I will be posting my recipe for Patriotic Funfetti Blondies next week.
And on Monday, nothing!  Which is a beautiful thing. 
Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!

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