Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Humpity Hump!

Well I'm finally getting around to posting something this week.  This past weekend we kicked off with dinner over at Al di La in Avondale.  Yum!  I ordered pasta with homemade sausage and fava beans. Oh man, it was good.  And so, I had one glass of wine too many and it took me out.  I struggled through the rest of the weekend, a childhood friend's wedding, a housewarming party, Cinco de Mayo lunch.  But y'all I was a hungover mess.  I just checked my phone and this is the "masterpiece" of a photo I snapped at dinner. Oh, wine!
 I also found this special shot from September of 2005.  I am so happy to have remained close to all of these sweet girls. *Note: My eyebrows!!!!!  (or lack of)  I actually remember reading in Seventeen how plucking your eyebrows could really change your entire appearance and thinking "Hmm, interesting" and then I went. to. town.
and per usual I am so behind on Miss Amanda Bynes losing her (excuse me) shit.
She is scaring me.  
What the heck is happening????????????????????????????????

And last but certainly not least, Tomorrow the James Island Kickin' Chicken is donating 10% of all proceeds to Our Lady of Mercy Outreach (this includes my charity, The Neighborhood House).  So get some Kick Chick y'all, you have an excuse!

Coming Soon:
Celebration Steak dinner Friday night with Mattie & Joe!
K's sister graduates from CofC!
Mothers Day Brunch at our place!
& maybe I'll post pics of it all :)

Hope you are having a happy week so far, Hello sunshine!

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