Thursday, May 16, 2013

Let's Go...Again!

Sometimes I like to look back at this blog and see what I was up to last year, same time.  Well, last year I was working freelance, roughly 15 hours a week.  So to say things were different is an understatement.  But as I was browsing May 2012 archives I realized that I had posted this post, Let's Go!, one year (& a day) ago exactly.  And I am feeling the exact same way right now!  (Reading back on that post, I'm sad to see that we never made our December trip to NYC.  As much as I love to plan, I do realize that I can't control everything!)
I'm not gonna lie to you, going back to working 9-5 has been very tough.  Granted, I did it for the money and the benefits, and the general security.  But it's much harder and more taxing on my quality of life.  And that's especially so this time of year, as the Spring fever bug bites me. (& every single one of my 3 receptionists who have each called out this week. C'mon now!)
My view May 2012:

My view May 2013:
Complaining when I'm blessed with a good job (and more) isn't right, but I'd be kidding myself if I didn't admit to wishing I was at the beach pretty much every day. 
 I am a lady of leisure at heart.
I'm wearing Sally Hansen "Hard as Wraps" on my nails, and it's curling and peeling at the edges.  I had this same problem with a shellac manicure a while back.  Not cool.  But I do like the sheer nude color and shine.
Side note: what is a "wrap"?

I've got an upcoming fancy dinner for work, what to wear??
I'm feeling a dressed-up maxi a la this:

Alright, Hey Friday, I can see ya!
Have a good one :)

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